Metro DC ATD Mentoring Program

The Metro DC Mentoring Program is returning this year with some changes based on feedback from previous year’s participants and lessons learned. The Program will transition to a Peer to Peer Mentoring model and pairings will be made based on complimentary and identified areas of development. The Program will begin in June for the Orientation and end in January for the Capstone Stories. The sessions will alternate between in person and one on one meetings with the peer mentor partner. The specific dates are:
  • June 26th Orientation (in person)
  • July/August (meet one on one)
  • September 17th (in person)
  • October (meet one on one)
  • November 6th (in person)
  • Capstone January 15th (in Person)

The June 26th session is required to kick off the program. Participants must be able to attend the in person sessions in order to stay connected with your mentoring partner. The Program is open to all Metro DC Chapter members. 


Contact for more information.

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