Metro DC ATD 2020 Elections

Meet The Candidates

Get to know the Board of Directors candidates in their own words!

Carol McSween-Brooks

Carol McSween-Brooks is a Learning consultant who specializes in presenting great instructional opportunities through facilitation, training materials, and organizational training programs. Carol’s focus has mainly been technology training since beginning her career 25+ years ago, however, in recent projects, she has had the opportunity to work in workforce development to develop training programs with diverse course topics aimed at enhancing employees’ personal and professional skills. Carol’s skillset portfolio includes technical writing, project management, courseware development, and program administration. Carol is an excellent verbal and written communicator. She is The Instructor Extraordin√°ire! – her approach to training and learning embraces creativity, humor and establishing a relevant foundation for continued learning. Carol has four daughters and three grandchildren and lives in Kensington, MD.

Carol's Statement of Interest 

I am a candidate for President-Elect for our Metro DC Chapter of ATD because I have a passion for two things – 1) being involved with Metro DCATD, and 2) supporting the Chapter’s membership in discovering and achieving their goals as members. Being one of the largest Chapters in the nation is great. Having over 50% Power Members is impressive. Being a Chapter where members are excited about membership in DCATD and deeply committed to making the benefits of being a member an integral part of their professional lives, is my continued vision for this Chapter.

Carol the Strategist

There are always many, different ways to do things, to offer support, to understand the people with whom you work. I intend to build relationships which support each member of the Board in the goals they have set for their portfolio. Doing this strategically – with a Win/Win for all concerned – will strengthen the Chapter.

Carol the Manager

The roles of the Chapter President involve management of tasks and people. I believe in effective and efficient management, with compassion, because every task involves people. The managerial perspective of the Chapter Presidency requires that, in working with different people with varying roles and responsibilities, I listen, learn, and act in a timely, positive, and responsive way.

Carol the Idealist

I am somewhat of an idealist in that my idealism is grounded in forward-thinking with an “eye” toward future benefits. I will look to the Board – and membership – for their visions of the benefits, both tangible and intangible, that will move Metro DCATD into the future.

Carol the Leader

Make no mistake that the President-Elect, President, and Past-President are leadership roles with the huge responsibility to navigate the Board and the Chapter’s membership through the upcoming “waters” of time and circumstances. I am not one to bury my head in the sand to avoid conflict – conflict presents the opportunity to bring differing views to a mutually beneficial solution, which will always be my goal.

Carol the Enthusiast

This is a three-year commitment which I am excited to make! I expect there to be challenges. I envision a lot of hard work. And, I am enthusiastic to have the opportunity to impact the Metro DCATD Chapter and its membership in this way.

So, yes, for my vision I hope you – the membership - will SMILE and say, “I’m glad to be a member of the Metro DC Chapter of ATD!” I look forward to your support.

Vice President of Membership

Tessa Grubb

Tessa is a Project Manager and Trainer for TIAG, an IT contracting company, supporting the Army’s Warrior Care and Transition System.  Tessa entered the talent development world as a volunteer Girl Scout Trainer nearly 20 years ago. She has a diverse set of experiences including curriculum design, platform training and facilitation, leadership development, technical training, and K-12 education. 

Tessa holds a Master’s Degree in Education and more recently completed her CPLP certification in 2017.  Tessa has been a member of ATD DC Metro Chapter since 2017. She initially joined the chapter to learn more about the ATD while preparing for her CPLP and continued because of the excellent programs and networking opportunities.

Tessa's Statement of Interest:

I am running for the role of VP of Membership this year because I strongly believe in the mission and vision of ATD DC Metro Chapter and I want to take a more active role in the leadership of the organization.  I have nearly 20 years of experience in the talent development field and understand benefits of having an organization dedicated to personal and professional development in this industry. Additionally, my background and experience as a volunteer manager and membership recruiter with Girl Scouts match well with the job description for the VP of Membership. 

If elected as VP of Membership, my goals include the following:

  • Retaining current members by ensuring that membership provides value to our current members and reaching out to expiring members to prevent gaps in membership

  • Recruiting new members across a diverse set of industries ensuring people are aware of the organization and membership benefits

  • Collaborating with board members and general membership to ensure the DC Metro Chapter remains strong and active

I have been a member of ATD DC Metro Chapter for just over 3 years and have enjoyed participating in a number of short-term volunteer roles for the Chapter and National organizations including the 2017 Annual Learning Conference, 2019 International Conference, and Employee Learning Week.  I hope to continue my involvement through volunteering, participating in chapter programs and meeting and networking with other members.

Having served in other leadership roles for the Chapter, I know how critical it is to have engaged, industrious volunteers manage the business of the Chapter. I have been a member of the Chapter for five years and a member of ATD (previously ASTD) for almost 20 years. I have taken part in many Chapter programs including the Mentoring Program and the CPLP Study Group. The Chapter has been a huge inspiration for me both personally and professionally. In my professional position I lead conference programming and speaker management for a national membership association. My volunteer experience includes a previous role on the Board as Director of Membership Outreach. Currently serving as the Director of Communications, since May 2017, I look forward to engaging with new and prospective members and fulfilling this important role for the Chapter. 

Director of Technology and Operations

Treca Stark

Dr. Treca Stark is human-centered and technical with a distinct ability to conceptualize and execute. She is an authentic leader who is savvy at articulating vision, championing new initiatives, and directing programs for global, regional, and local organizations. Additionally, she is skilled at strategic planning and transforming plans into pragmatic objectives.

She has served as an essential partner in the creation of products and services that have met defined requirements and needs at public and private organizations. Treca is also masterful at training, motivating, and coaching people to high levels of performance and encouraging collaboration among diverse people to form powerful high-performance teams.

Dr. Stark attained a doctorate from Morgan State University, a master’s degree from University of New Orleans, a bachelor’s degree from Loyola University New Orleans. Among other certifications, she is a Certified Professional in Learning and Performance through the Association for Talent Development.

Treca's Statement of Interest:

Thank you for considering me for the Director of Operations and Technology role for the Metro DC Chapter of Association for Talent Development.  I am sincerely interested in serving the chapter, and have been interested since joining in 2015. I am convinced that the time is now for me to contribute my knowledge, skills, and talents to the board and chapter.  In years prior, I was pursuing doctoral study while working fulltime, which prevented me from having the time that I believed would be necessary to dedicate to board service.  

With my doctoral study completed, I am willing and able to contribute fully.  My professional experience includes developing standard operating procedures for organizations that have cut employee and user ramp-up times in half and that have increased productivity, including eradicating inherited 6-month backlogs in one month.  Additionally, my technology proficiency makes me a strong candidate, as along with developing technology training programs, I have earned the Site Development Associate certification, which is a part of the Certified Internet Web Professional curriculum as well as the Certified Microsoft Innovative Educator certification through Microsoft.  Furthermore, I am very attuned to the need for processes and technology solutions that are easy to use having researched and completed a dissertation focused on systems usability and published and presented on the topic of leveraging technology. 

My vision for the Director of Operations and Technology role is Design for Enhanced Productivity!  To achieve this vision, I plan to partner with the board, chapter, and community members to take the chapter’s operations and technologies to the next level by using effective design approaches that support operational and technological efficiencies.  The desired outcome is processes and technologies that are easier to use and that support the productivity of board members, chapter members, and community members. I hope that you will join me in achieving this vision by supporting me as your candidate of choice.  


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