Communities of Practice

Communities of Practice (CoPs) provide focused professional development on a single area of the learning and performance field.

Our chapter proudly hosts these CoPs:

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If you are interested in leading any of the CoPs or if you have an idea for a NEW CoP, please contact the Director of CoPs to discuss how to get started.

What role do CoPs serve?

  • Provide a forum for Metro DC ATD members with common
    interests and backgrounds to share best practices and learn
    from one another's expertise.
  • Ensure TD professionals keep up to date on the latest
    trends in their field of interest.
  • Develop learning opportunities for Metro DC ATD members
    to acquire new skills or sharpen existing ones.
  • Connect members to local contacts so they can network with
    other like-minded professionals.
  • Encourage members to delve deep into training and
    development topics in a relaxed, peer group setting.

What are the benefits of joining a CoP?

People get involved with Metro DC ATD's CoPs for many reasons. Here are just some of the reasons our members attend our CoP meetings:

  • To learn new tips, tricks, and tools of the trade.
  • To share best practices for solving work-related issues.
  • To network with TD professionals and other ATD members.
  • To get more involved with the local chapter and the ATD community.
  • To learn requirements for entry into the training and development field.
  • To take advantage the learning opportunities the groups offer.

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