Communities of  Practice

One of the benefits of joining the Metro DC ATD chapter are opportunities to connect with like-minded professionals over topics of common interest. One of the best ways to find those like-minded people is by getting involved with a Communities of Practice (CoP).

We have talented, knowledgeable, and passionate CoP leads who come up with the ideas for the next event and make the magic happen. When you attend a CoP event, it’s a learning experience curated by talent development professionals who understand your world.

What role do CoPs serve?

  • Provide a forum for Metro DC ATD members with common
    interests and backgrounds to share best practices and learn
    from one another's expertise.
  • Ensure Metro DC ATD TD professionals keep up to date on the latest trends in their field of interest.
  • Develop learning opportunities for Metro DC ATD members
    to acquire new skills or sharpen existing ones.
  • Connect members to local contacts so they can network with
    other like-minded professionals.
  • Encourage members to delve deep into training and
    development topics in a relaxed, peer group setting.

What are the benefits of joining a CoP?

People get involved with Metro DC ATD's CoPs for many reasons. Here are just some of the reasons our members attend our CoP meetings:

  • To learn new tips, tricks, and tools of the trade.
  • To share best practices for solving work-related issues.
  • To network with TD professionals and other Metro DC ATD members.
  • To get more involved with the local chapter and the Metro DC ATD community.
  • To learn requirements for entry into the training and development field.
  • To take advantage of the learning opportunities the groups offer.

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Free Agents Community of Practice

The purpose of the Free Agent CoP is to provide a community of practice for Talent Development service providers. The Free Agent CoP offers entrepreneurs (part-time or full-time), independent consultants, freelancers, and small businesses a regular forum to share resources, experiences, stories, tools and ways to address industry challenges and issues surrounding entrepreneurship.

Instructional Design Community of Practice

The Instructional Design CoP provides practitioners with a community of peers; a safe space to explore challenges, ideas, and experiences; and to enhance their skills. We welcome all ID practitioners from beginners to experts to come together and explore opportunities.

Leadership Development Community of Practice

The Leadership Development CoP is a community of impassioned thought leaders co-creating the future of leadership development. They cover topics around the belief that leaders see the future and mobilize the forces to take us there. Where there is a lack of leadership, people flounder and fail. Where there is strong leadership, communities thrive and amazing things are achieved.

        Government        Community of Practice
The purpose of the Government CoP is to provide a community of practice for government-focused Talent Development professionals. The Government CoP offers Federal/state/local employees, consultants, and contractors a regular forum to share resources, experiences, stories, tools and ways to address the challenges and issues around government human capital management. 

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