Metro DC Chapter ATD: Training First-Time Managers Series Webinar 2 - AI-Driven Role Play for Making First-Time Managers Practice Leadership Conversations

  • 02 Jul 2020
  • 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM
  • Virtual
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We are delighted to share a set of webinars that focus on the First-Time Manager.  This program is ideal for L&D Professionals who are tasked with training and developing first time managers. Please join us once a month through November as we provide the opportunity to experience a series of six webinars.  The purpose of these webinars is to enhance the expertise of Learning Development professionals on modern leadership training strategies. Upcoming webinars are listed at the end.

AI-Driven Role Play for Making First-Time Managers
Practice Leadership Conversations

As an L&D professional, you’re familiar with many models of learning, but there’s one area, upskilling First-Time Managers, where role-play practice remains one of the most effective strategies. But how do you scale role play? AI (Artificial Intelligence) may be the answer.

There are several ways you can use AI-driven digital role-play to empower First-Time Managers at scale for better performance.

Remote practicing, smart objective setting, big-data benchmarking and adaptive learning scheduling are some of the strategies that can help you go beyond the limitation of soft-skills knowledge-led e-learning solutions, to start providing continuous empowering value to your learners.

In this webinar, you’ll learn about:

  • What digital role-play is and how it can help corporate L&D professionals deliver effective and practical soft skills learning strategies
  • Why Digital Role Play can be your best ally when it comes to upskill First-Time Managers
  • The main characteristics to look at when designing a learning strategy based on digital role-play
  • What early-adopting L&D professionals report are the leading advantages behind this new learning strategy

Presenters:   Andrea Laus and Matteo Malatesta

Andrea Laus, CEO, SkillGym

Andrea has 20 years experience in the industry of digital learning. For over 10 years he has designed and developed interactive simulations featuring video and AI to bring immersive and authentic digital experiences to leadership coaches worldwide.

Matteo Malatesta, Head of Business Design, SkillGym

Matteo is head of business design at Lifelike. He supports the product design teams, bringing the voice of stakeholders to the discussion thanks to his international experience in the learning and development industry and his human-centered approach.

Upcoming webinars in the series are:

3 - Four Best Practices to Improve Digital Learning Traffic and First-Time Manager Engagement on August 27th

4 - Six Best Practices for Faster First-Time Manager Upskilling on September 16th

5 - Developing First-Time Managers' Self-Awareness Through AI-Based Role Play on October 7th

6 - Retaining Talents Through Development of Leadership Conversation Skills on November 4th

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