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Independent Consultant CoP: No Virtual Assistant? No problem! Build a Digital Ecosystem to Work Smarter, Not Harder - Metro DC Chapter ATD

  • 12 Oct 2021
  • 6:00 PM - 8:00 PM
  • 36



Maybe you've thought about bringing on an assistant, a team member, or an intern before but talked yourself out of it? Perhaps you realized that it would cost you more time, more money and less capacity for creativity and impact? You probably realized that this could take away from the strengths you bring to your brand. This doesn't mean you'll never hire help but it means that there are certain core parts of your business that really rely on the creative power you bring to the table! So how do you work smarter, not harder? You implement a methodology that helps you declutter your mind and outsource it to your digital ecosystem to ensure your ideas flourish and transform others.

In this session, Regine will leverage technology and use a "build-with-me" approach to build a digital ecosystem from the ground up for one of the participants. Through it, she will demonstrate how the right digital ecosystem can help you work smarter, not harder and focus on the things that really matter.

This session is for Independent Consultants who are willing to leverage technology to regain their time. It's also for individuals such as working mothers and other busy professionals who are grappling with multiple competing priorities and want to find a way to see through the chaos and gain clarity with their day-to-day responsibilities. In a world where work and home are continuously blending and content is constant, decluttering your mind is critical to ensure your ideas can flourish.  Join us!

Speaker:  Regine Greer

Regine Greer is an innovative Talent and Organizational development leader. She is known as a strategic creative problem-solving and productivity leader. She also serves as the Director of Communication for the Metro DC ATD Chapter.

Regine has over 20 years of corporate, consulting, and design experience at some of the world's leading organizations. Regine uses her expertise to guide professionals and organizations on how to deliver compelling learner and employee experiences. Her work has been featured on the Association of Talent Development (ATD).

Regine's mission is to help professionals and organizations turn their ideas into compelling, innovating, effective and engaging experiences so their ideas flourish and transform others.

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